4Brand Review

  • Ease of Use 90% 90%
  • Visual Training Available 90% 90%
  • Value of Price 95% 95%

Pros: It’s a fun tool to create stunning graphics and logo branding for your prospective clients. Offer your services with this software!

Cons: It would be nice if there is training for this on how to offer your service on Fiverr but the power of social media can never go wrong!

What is 4Brand all About?


4Brand is a logo brand software creation that you can use to create for your clients or for personal use. There are ways to choose your software for this product: Personal and Commercial.


This software you can use this as a service to help create branding logos, video logos, mockups, and designing branding visuals that are requested by your clients.


In addition, I also offer you my FREE bonuses offer that you can take advantage of by checking out my exclusive link! Lots of bonuses that you will LOVE during this holiday season!


Moreover, you can use 4Brand to create and design logo brandings for local businesses, online marketers, small businesses, online stores and so much more! This software includes upgrades that you can check out right below for more information on how you can scale up your own services for this.


4Brand is one of Neil Napier’s software products and he does have the reputation to create high quality products. Majority of his products will help you monetize your services or online business needs to earn money using his softwares.


4Brand does include video trainings that you can access to if you have any questions on how you can get started with this program. One of the things I like about this product is that it’s simplified and not very hard to use.


On the contrary, it has a sophisticated platform and user-friendly which means if you are a beginner or a newbie with the online business world, you can learn from his training. You can watch the video tutorials inside of 4Brand.


Here is a screenshot inside the member’s area of 4Brand:    

Benefits of 4Brand

One of the benefits of 4Brand is that you can offer your services to charge your client by creating logos, branding, mockups and design their branding visuals using this software.


On the contrary, there are plenty of online businesses that exists on the internet that you can offer your services on social media. Such as facebook, Instagram, twitter, or even tiktok. Also, feel free to create your sample designs and post it on pinterest or better yet – post it on your website!


In addition, there are variety of ways that you can share your services using 4Brand so you can advertise your skills that you can create branding for local businesses. If you happen to notice someone who just started with their online business, offer them your services!


Instagram is also another way to post your logos and branding samples to help attract business owners by using hashtags onto your account. And watch them start messaging you and start following you on your account!


If you don’t have a website, there are free websites that you can get started including wix, medium, blogger, wordpress and so much more! These are just examples but start somewhere for free.


Therefore, there are a ton of ways to advertise your branding creation for business owners. The power of social media is number one way to start sharing your work and services so you can grow your business.


As a result, you can start helping small business owners so you can start earning money and don’t forget to check out the upgrades below. Once you start growing your business, you should definitely consider checking out the upgrades down below!


Available Upgrades


Front End – 4Brand: $37 – $39

You can access the powerful 4Brand software and training modules. Start selling and advertise your branding services to your clients on social media and start earning money with this method.

Access To The 4-In-1 Branding Suite

Create 25 Designs Per Month

10,000+ Multi-Color Logo Icons

Over 300+ Fonts

50+ Mockup Templates

Logo Intro Video Templates

Access To Mockup Templates

300 Ready-To-Use Templates

Access To Create Unlimited Logo Designs

Beginner-Friendly Interface

Breakthrough Visual Creator

Render HD Logo Intro Videos

Training & Tutorials

Commercial License Included


Upgrade 1 – 4Brand Unlimited: $67 Annual ($97 One-Time)


Create UNLIMITED logo designs

Upload your own icons

UNLIMITED Access to our Icon Vault with over 3 Million icons

UNLIMITED Access To Our Full Font Collection – 900+

Feature to upload own font

Text manipulation feature

50 more logo video templates

100+ more mockup templates

300+ background audio

upload background audio

upload your own logo designs


Upgrade 2 – 4Brand Template Club: $37/mo ($197 Annual)


New logo video templates monthly

New logo templates monthly

New mockup templates monthly

New brand design templates monthly

Access to give suggestion for monthly templates


Upgrade 3 – 4Brand Agency: $59


New logo video templates monthly

New logo templates monthly

New mockup templates monthly

New brand design templates monthly

Access to give suggestion for monthly templates


Upgrade 4 – 4Brand Agency: $37


Unlocks Brand Agency Creation

Website builder

Website templates

Autoresponder integration

Host website on custom domain or subdomain

Add UNLIMITED Agency users

Process payment using PayPal & Stripe integration

Launch up to 5 branding agencies

Everything you need to grow and scale your agency business. Land new clients and close more deals.

Contract templates

Agency website copy

Client closing email sequence

Phone call closing sequence

Promo video templates

Sales pitch/presentation template


Final Thoughts


In my opinion, this is by far the easiest way to make money by posting on social media your skills and logo and branding samples to attract business owners! Another way to start earning money is to help small business owners with their branding. So, they don’t have to feel overwhelmed with trying to come up with their own branding.


Primarily, with the online business that’s trending nowadays, you can always count on this sweet deal that will help you leverage your online business. Due to Covid keeps rising every year, online business is a good way to go.


As a result, majority of the people are shopping online and are creating online businesses now that everyone is expected to stay home. Take advantage of this opportunity and start running your own branding business so you can monetize your skills!


Importantly, don’t forget to check out my demo video provided on my exclusive to check out how this works. Also, when you pick up 4Brand using my exclusive link you will get all the massive FREE bonuses as well!


Keep striving for success my friend and thank you for reading my review of 4Brand.

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