Atlantis Review

  • Ease of Use 90% 90%
  • Tools Included to apply action 90% 90%
  • Price Value of the Software 96% 96%

Pros: Get traffic buyers using Instagram with this method. Including chrome extension and clickable platform.

Cons: Limit of 30 follows and broadcast per day. But, you can always upgrade to more.

What is Atlantis all about?

Atlantis is a software product from Digital Dames and one of the best product that I have encountered for Instagram methods. This is an all-in-one business plan that includes sophisticated tools for you to start monetizing your Instagram account.


Moreover, it provides you with an awesome feature inside of the member’s area by checking out my demo of how this product works. I also offer you my FREE bonuses when you decide to pick this up via my exclusive link during the launch period of Atlantis!$3 off coupon will prompt you to add to your cart so you must act now before the price will go up soon.


Inside of Atlantis you will have your coaches Nanda and Paula-Mauree who will be teaching you in video training on this strategies to make money. Also, you can promote any niches that you want based on my test with this program!


What else is included?

For this front-end purchase you will get a video step-by-step training, a software chrome extension, free tools available, and free done for you campaigns! All you need to do is simply do the action and apply what you learn from Atlantis.


Now, if you are still wondering if this product really works? They have case studies proving that they are getting results. Even the beta testers have tested this product prior to launching this and they are getting sales 100%! 


With that said, Atlantis has great features and I love the fact that the tools that they provided are so easy to use. I have done it myself by following along the training. I have created this tool they provided inside of the member’s area. I plugged in all my affiliate links, my Youtube videos, and links to my website.

I added links to each boxes on this platform. Get Atlantis now to add this to your Instagram account.

An extension chrome also comes with the system. After a couple of hours I already have my followers on Instagram clicking through my “clickable one-page” tool that they provided. Again- this is free inside of the member’s area.


You can download this extension to your browser provided by Atlantis.


 This is what it looks like so you can start using this to your Instagram via your desk stop computer.


Benefits of Atlantis?

Anyone can use this software as it is easy to follow along. The tools they provided to get started are user-friendly. However, you can potentially earn money with this method using the Instagram platform with the case studies provided inside of the program.


Furthermore, this program was also tested by beginners. They were surprised that they were making money with this method! With this in mind you can potentially use this technique and start promoting your affiliate links. Additionally, you can showcase your links to your organic traffic on Instagram!


The best part is you don’t need to buy paid ads with this method. Just find your organic traffic on Instagram and you are all set. There are a ton of traffic that you can find on Instagram. Plus, if you want to take it to the next level you can add this to any social media platform!


Available upgrades


Atlantis FE: $17

This upgrade comes with video trainings on how you can get started with Atlantis. It also comes with some free tools you can use to get started. You will get a done for you free campaigns as well to get started using this method.


Includes a free chrome extension that you can use for your Instagram campaigns. This is by far the best product front end that I’ve tested. A done-for-you campaigns are ready for you to copy and paste.


In addition, adding a high converting campaign to ensure they will click on your offers. You can get this tool for your followers to “click” on your links by adding this to your Instagram bio.

For front end only: Limited to 30 follows and posts per day


Upgrade 1 $37 – Poseidon – Unlock The Unlimited Traffic Generator

Advanced version of Atlantis where you can start making more profits with this upgrade. Let’s you unlock the features inside of Atlantis so you can have more unlimited organic traffic!


Get more target buyer leads so you will start getting your commissions on autopilot. Less work on your end. Let all your traffic come to you so you have more sales coming!

Upgrade 1  Note: You will get unlimited follows, posts outreach per day


Upgrade 2 $997 $497 – Asgard – Beta Test Entry

This upgrade includes a complete launch package on how to target and achieve a highly engaging launch. Provides you with how you can improve your sales marketing plan, how to magnetize and get more affiliates to your first launch!


Be prepared to become successful to be able to reach $20k+ on your product launch! Yes, for this to work you will be guided by the Digital Dames so you can reach satifying goals. One of their secrets to earning more money.


This also includes a business formulas, templates, their partners, and all these amazing resources that can help you earn a ton of money! You will have their support over your launch so you can have massive conversion rates and get buyer traffic with the JV reciprocation partners for this method.



Additional Information:

Asgard is a digital course that explains in the training guide for you to follow along each step so you will have massive success with your product launch. There are exclusive access to mastermind with Nanda and Paula-Mauree to help you achieve success!


Now a heads up: The upgrade is only for serious action takers who are motivated to do this launch and who will work hard to be successful with the online business. Only 15 beta testers will be accepted in this upgrade.


Upgrade 3 $37 – The Seven Seas – Income Multiplier

There will be more earnings your way! This upgrade will help you follow a step-by-step guide to how to get paid to post, be good at influencing people, and post eye-catching content. You can also sell theme accounts to get massive results that will go off the charts!

Bonus warning: How you can make faster with cash using influencer traffic.


Upgrade 4 $67 – The Trident – Advanced Strategies

Get 10x traffic with these secrets hack the trident! Grow higher with this upgrade that includes shortcuts to making this work. A lot of people can’t master this quickly and would take a lot of years to find this method. Start to create an unlimited flow of sales and sales in minutes.

These are the exact replica traffic methods that they use to earn more sales that are worth thousands available for you to check out one of their case studies!

  • Bonus: You can check out the Go VIRAL with carousel and memes methods.
  • Bonus: Comes with 8 Training & tutorial videos including a step-by-step guide that is easy to follow.
  • Bonus: Digital Dames secret traffic hack methods!


Upgrade 5 $97 Neptune – Access Our $1,000 Dollar Days

With Neptune, you can turn your $100 sales or profits into $1,000 paydays straight away with this tactic! Includes adding this to your money tree with the use of promoting high ticket offers!

Will let you earn higher commissions with the use of done for your auto-webinar funnel for increased chances of monetizing 4 figure paydays! Including:

  • An easy Step By Step Video Training
  • DFY Funnels
  • DFY Evergreen Webinars
  • DFY Email Follow Up Series
  • Copy & Paste The Exact DFY Campaigns To Generate Over $1,100 A Day


Upgrade 6 $67 – Atlantis Reseller Rights

Rights to sell Atlantis and you get to keep 100% of profits forever!

Reseller Rights increases your commission to 100% through the entire funnel!

Use their provided professionally designed pages and funnels, so you don’t have to create one! Here as follows:

  • Start getting paid up to $447 per visitor you send
  • Don’t have to work hard on the marketing part as they provide all the tools for you
  • Multiple 100% Profit Streams Coming Your Way!
  • Save Lots of Hours, Sweats, and Headaches Making Your Own Product
  • It Helps You Save $1,000s Of Dollars On Marketing, Improvements & Development Costs
  • Their Professional Team Will Handle All The Post Sale Supports For You So You Are Taken Care Of



Upgrade 7 $47 – The Accidental Income Generator

Literally, by accident from one of the shy Atlantis team members but has been added to this upgrade to help you get an extra $247!

They can’t believe this was even working that it turns out they have seen triple 3X the results with this surprise adjustment.


This is really a huge surprise that it give you results faster! This should be a part of ways to earn more money with this secret they found was an accident technique to money maker.

Bonus offer: Training and tutorial video is included.


Final Thoughts

After doing some tests and applying the methods I learn from Atlantis that this is one of the best programs to start using your Instagram account.


I’m usually picky at some products to try that include Instagram-related marketing your offer as it is hard to get conversions. But this one is just perfect for my needs and for everyone in online marketing.


Very much pleased with having to learn how to add this to my Instagram description so I get my followers or drop-in visitors to click on my link. I like the simplicity of how this works and continue to add this to my business methods.


Check out the Atlantis software now before the price will increase. During this new product launch, they are only offering at a low price. I will give you $3 off will prompt you to add when you purchase using my exclusive link here.

Thank you for taking the time to read my review of Atlantis. I’m cheering for your success with the online business and I’ll see you guys on the next review.


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