Digital Product Reviews

Digital Product Reviews

Here you can check out all my digital product recommendations and show you a walkthrough of each product. This is where you can do your research and see how each digital product works. Comes with a live demo as well.

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Check out each video reviews below!

Ministry of Freedom Review Pt. 1

Ministry of Freedom Review Pt. 2

Ministry of Freedom Review Pt. 3

Ministry of Freedom Review Pt. 4


Product Review Posts

VidMingo Review

Fast Hosting ResponseVersatile UsePrice of this softwarePros: Video hosting is easy to promote your affiliate offers as well as for personal use on any occassion. Cons: Missing out on the bonuses offered. What is VidMingo All about? VidMingo is essentially a video...

7 Figure Affiliate System Review

Content of the productMake Money Online TopicEase of usePros:  I like the audio and reading version that comes with the course in case you need to step out of the house. The convenience will help keep you consistent with this course. Cons: If you don't take advantage...

TubeMatic Review

Ease of UseTraining Video Easy to FollowGreat for Affiliate Marketing ToolPros: This method will teach you how to find relevant ads for your affiliate commissions to be targeted to the right audience. Cons: One caveat is that the training module and the marketing tool...


Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Online Marketer?

Online Marketer to simply put – you are promoting a digital product or services to a target customer who is interested in purchasing that product so you as an online marketer will earn a certain percentage of commission. You are marketing the product and services to any form of use in order to get the message across to a target audience. For example, you are trying to promote a video optimization digital product and all you need to do is apply for the affiliate link, then create a review video of that product and post it to your youtube channel with your affiliate link attached to the description of your video so people can click on your affiliate link and buy from you. This is also how you can earn your commission for performing a demo of the product by screen recording it and post it to your youtube account so people can see how the product works. You can also promote digital products by posting them to your social media, google ad words, and many more.

How Digital Product Works?

Digital products come in a variety of what kind of products that you’re interested in trying and applying to your online business and they are usually digital products meaning you can only use these products using your desktop/laptop or if it allows you to use your tablet/phone then it could work out that way too!

The majority of digital products are video-based training where you can follow along with how these products work. Software products require you to use your desktop or a laptop when you have to apply modifications or optimizing your online business to get good results.

Therefore, digital products are digital courses that you use to apply for your online business and also learn how to enhance what you’re missing from your online business. These courses help you get unique ideas so you can learn from them.

How Traffic Can Help With My Promotions?

Traffic helps with people visiting your website, youtube channel, social media, and many more. By having traffic, you will have potential buyers to your affiliate links. If you have your own website, social media, youtube channel of your branding and adding affiliate links to promote digital products you can have traffic by using hashtags, use some keywords to help people find particular products, and have many followers on social media so you can bring more traffic to your social platform.


You can also bring more traffic by going to forums and when someone asks about for instance “traffic” questions, you can mention your website if you have a traffic affiliate promotion to your website or on your social media then some people can click on it and this helps drive traffic to your site or social media.


Another idea is you can use google adwords if you have the budget to spend for your ads, but I highly suggest avoid doing this if you are a beginner. I would start with using social media to bring traffic to your content and use specific keywords and hashtags so you can start getting free traffic for starters.

What is SEO marketing?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO will help your content or whatever platform you’re using to promote your affiliate products to improve its ranking and search results with a search engine like Google. If you optimize your site properly, your visibility on the search engine will increase and other people can find your site easily. 

A search engine uses bots to find pages on the web and collect information about those pages so they can add them to an index that the algorithm analyzes the pages in the index.  It analyzes the way you optimized it or how long your site has been that benefits the domain authority of your site and see if your content is relevant so that it will send signals to determine how your site will appear on the search results.

What are the tools I need to get started?

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How much money I earn from this method?

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Is this really difficult to maintain?

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Does this work for beginners?

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