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Update: 01/14/2023


Hello my friends!

 Happy New Year and I hope you have set a new resolution for the 2023 New Year — which means self improvement, forget about the past and moving to your future self.

Speaking about new improvements, I have updated my Youtube channel and talked about the new updates that I have in mind for the 2023.

Check out the video here: Watch the upcoming new update of 2023 of Din Online Pitch

 A new strategy that will be coming in place soon — lots of new improvements coming your way and I hope I can help you build your online income stream strategy with these new updates that I’m about to share with you.

Keep following me for more.




Update: 04/10/2022


Hello, my friends!

Boy, it’s been quiet awhile since I updated this website! Been active with the video reviews as I have a ton of traffic on my youtube channel.


For couple of months now, I have been trying to create a lot of projects and at the same time just taking care of the growth of my online business. 


I have huge plans on adding more services here on my website to help you with SEO, backlinks, engagements and ranking capabilities coming soon for anyone who are interested to add juice to their content/youtube channel.


Stay tuned for this upcoming services and offer for your online business needs!


In the meantime, check out my video reviews on my youtube channel:  Click Here


I will be creating good quality product reviews that I want to recommend so you can benefit from these courses. If you have not seen any products that you think you want to learn from my website reviews, it means I don’t recommend the product. 


I have been carefully researching and ensuring the programs that I come across have been tested and studied to ensure you are getting the best recommendations for your online business.


So these are my future updates for the website and hope you are still following along for more additional online business growth.





Update: 10/23/2021


Hello, my friends!

It was a tough month for me as I got into a car accident. But, I’m safe and very grateful that I’m alive! I’m so thankful everyday that I’m still out here being able to do things that I want to do.

Anyway.. I haven’t posted much in here but I have been making review videos that you guys can feel free to check out. A lot of digital products that you should definitely start checking out below:

Free Training and Motivation

Learn How to Use this FREE screen recorder called OBS studio: Check out here

5 tips on how to be successful with your online business: Check out here

Digital Products  (oldest top, newest down)

Copy Paste Profit: Check out here

Leads Profit Pro: Check out here

Cashed: Check out here

Linkin Profits: Check out here

Profit Mania: Check out here

Traffic time:  Check out here

Smart Content Profits: Check out here

Divine Commissions: Check out here

Charm: Check it out here

Membervio: Check it out here

Traffic legion: Check it out here

ProfitGram: Check it out here

GoProCloud: Check it out here

WP Host: Check it out here

ClickCash: Check it out here

Til next product video reviews!




Update: 9/12/2021

Hello, my friends!

If you have noticed, I have added a 100% case study with testimonials proven that this course works for all of you who are interested with scaling up your online business. This program helped me get the right tools, the right mindset and the right support.

Check out my videos for Ministry of Freedom 2.0. This is a life changer and help me make money online guarantee.

Ministry of Freedom part 1: Click Here to watch

Ministry of Freedom part 2: Click Here to watch

Ministry of Freedom part 3: Click Here to watch

Ministry of Freedom part 4: Click Here to watch

Hope you like the videos above. I’ll see you guys on next update.



Update: 8/14/2021


Hello, my friends!

This month has been hectic for me due to moving and the wedding party I have to attend. But now it’s been under control and I’m back to posting all digital product reviews for this past month. If you have noticed, I have added new digital product reviews under Digital Product Reviews section.

Check it now! Lots of cool products were proven to work as case studies have shown each product were tested prior to release. Make sure to check them out and I have an awesome surprise for everyone out there who is interested in making serious money online.

Tune in coming soon…





Update: 7/09/2021


Hey guys,

I have made a ton of reviews for the new awesome products that have been released this past week. Check them out CLICK HERE.

*Keep in mind, the first line on top is the oldest and the bottom would be the newest.*

Here are the new product reviews available for you to read:



The Affiliate Marketers Little Black Book

Infinite Core


Affiliate Domination 

Vid Proposals

Go check them out! These are amazing digital products worth checking out. It’s got amazing content and full ideas on how to get started with online marketing. You’ll learn from each program and you will get an idea of how these relate to online marketing and how you can scale up your online business. Til next!

-Din Guinto


Update: 6/26/2021


Quick update for everyone! I have recently updated my homepage. I added a quick latest review video for everyone to see the latest review I made. My site is close to being done to 80% and I’m very excited that I’m almost done with this because I didn’t realize how too much work it is to create a website. (especially the designing part it’s time-consuming).

So anyway, I hope everyone is having a good weekend… I’m just continuing to look for more awesome products to make a review of. On top of that, been planning to add more motivational videos because we all need to feel motivated.

That’s it for my update. Till next time!

Update: 6/14/2021


Motivational 1: 3 things that will help you motivate.

Motivational 2: Audio meditation is powerful for motivation

I have created some motivational videos for you to watch.

Motivational 1 Video Click Here

Motivational 2 Video Click Here

When times are tough, giving up is not an option. That’s why you need some motivation to remind yourself to keep going. 

Update: 6/6/2021


Hello, Welcome to Din Online Pitch Site. This site is a work in progress. laughing  But you are more than welcome to check this out as this is currently live. Due to recent building and dealing with “personal” matter, there will be some delays finishing this site. It is almost done and I’m very excited to give more updates so I can add more content. Please keep checking for more updates.

More to come. Stay tuned..