KickStart Review

  • Information and content on this platform 88% 88%
  • Ease of Use 87% 87%
  • Value of this price 90% 90%

Pros: Interesting content for those of you of wants to learn how to create a valuable freebie for your clients in order to grow your email list.

Cons: Not I can think of as we do need to learn how to create valuable content to collect email leads.

What is Kickstart All About?

This program Kickstart will help you create high quality give away for your squeeze page or lead magnet in order to collect email buyer list. In case you are not familiar with this method, this is one of the tactics of collecting email buyers. By giving them something valuable and in exchange they give you your email.


Why is that? Well, it’s illegal to send to your email list without their permission to give away their email to you. By gaining their trust, you give them something that can help them solve their problems! Depending on your niche you’re into.


69 Highly Effective Lead Magnet Ideas to Grow Your Email List (Updated)


Why giving away freebies will help increase email list?

For example, if you want to collect buyer list and your niche is all about dogs. You can create a high quality ebook about how 10 things to keep your dog healthy. You created this small 20 page ebook for you to give away in exchange of email buyer list. Now, you you create a squeeze page, add the freebie there so when someone visits your site or goes into your squeeze page.


They will enter their name and their email address. Now, once they done that they will receive the freebie to their email address. This is your way of saying thanks for signing up to your newsletter.  Enjoy this valuable ebook about your dog. Kickstart will show you how to create a high quality offer for your clients so they can give away their email to you.


Kickstart will show you how to create one 


Now, you get the idea of what is Kickstart all about! This program will teach you how to create a valuable offer so you can collect buyer list. Once you create a really good offer for your leads, you can get their email address and you can start sending them offers! Could be an affiliate link and just plug in to your email to send to your buyer list. And just like that is the magic of Kickstart.


This is how you can potentially earn money. By having a buyer list, letting it grow the better. When you have a long buyer list, you can start sending them quick email offers by plugging your affiliate links to your email list. Then, they will click to your links and start earning money to those who are interested!


What are the Benefits of Kickstart?

Kickstart technique is proven to start earning money quick. Once you learn how to create a valuable offer for your leads you can grow them big! Then, you start sending them offers of your choice. And, you can send it to their email address that they use to sign up to receive your offer! Is that simple. Every business does this and ever wondered department stores ask for your email list? So, they can send you advertisements of things they want to promote. By using your email!


Same concept, except you will be trained on how to do this the right way. Also, this is great for beginners and newbies! You don’t need prior experience in order to start learning this method. Just learn from the training and apply what you learn. And don’t forget, when you purchase this using my exclusive link you will get your FREE bonuses. This is my way of saying thank you for taking the time to read my review. Kickstart will show you everything in step-by-step and it will be easy to watch the training and just apply what you learn.



Available Upgrades of Kickstart?


Front End – Kick Start

Comes with video training on how to create a good quality marketing course list building and you will receive the license with this. This will earn you the credibility with the list building provided from the training.


Upgrade 1 – Kick Start Boost – $17

Kick Start Boost is an opportunity to explode your list building with a full promo package and training showing you exactly what to do to drive traffic from 6 free sources. The Promo Package includes DFY banners for Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, a demo video plus a promo video you can upload to YouTube.

We know how difficult it is to be ad compliant with certain platforms so we even added our legal page templates. That help us with paid traffic if you ever wish to attempt paid traffic. It doesn’t stop there, we included an 8-day email sequence for you to build credibility and trust by providing value to your list. Over and above all this DFY material, you will also get 5 bonuses that have been carefully picked to ensure your success with Kick Start Boost.


Upgrade 2 – Kick Start Pro – $37

Kick Start Pro allows you to earn commissions by giving away free training by providing you with a DFY training site. All you have to do is update your site with affiliate links. And those who attend the free training can purchase products mentioned in it. This is a fantastic strategy to create a recurring income or even big-ticket commissions.


Upgrade 3 – Kick Start Elevate – $97

Kick Start Elevate gives you one-on-one access to an experienced Kick Start marketer who will work with you for an hour. On any technical challenges you may have with Kick Start. Using this unique and evergreen system, we will help you one-on-one through the issues that may be holding you back.


As a result, you will receive one hour of uninterrupted attention from the creators of this program as he will assist you with Kick Start.


Upgrade 4 – Kick Start Gold- $197

We understand that everyone is at a different point in their online journey. And, has varying levels of technical expertise, and that some people may simply want more personalized attention to succeed. Kick Start Gold is the DFY version of Kick Start Pro.

This offer is only available to Kick Start Pro clients, and it involves us updating and setting up your links after you’ve applied for them. After that, we’ll spend an hour with you.


Upgrade 5 – Kick Start Re-Seller – $137

Throughout the whole funnel, the Kick Start Re-Sellers License will offer you the right to 100% of any money generated through your affiliate link. So you earn 100% of the revenue generated by sales made through your affiliate link, while we take care of customer service and technical assistance.


Final Thoughts?

Overall, you can benefit from Kickstart by learning how you can give value to your clients and will end up building a long list for your email marketing. This is a great tool also for creating bonuses for your clients when you want to thank them.

As an online marketer, you need to learn how to give value to your clients in order to get good quality leads. Personally, I wouldn’t want to sell/promote something I don’t have to offer. In order to build credibility of my branding, I need to gain my client’s trust by offering them good quality information so I can send them more offers.

Email List is effective way to collect email buyer list 


 Email Marketing is a way to collect your client’s information so you can reach out to them and send them more offers! Give them good information that will make them trust you. Let them feel that you’re approachable and you don’t just offer them something just to get a sale.


And that’s what online marketing is all about. No forcing or no spamming your clients and force them into buying something they aren’t interested. Instead, share something valuable and you will get the right people to buy from your offers.


Cheers to your success!

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