Optimized Honest Review. Before you buy, read below:

  • Proven results from this program 95% 95%
  • Ease of use and learning 95% 95%
  • Price and offer of this product 99% 99%

Pros: This is one of my FAVORITE optimization course for youtube if you want to get traffic the right way. This is a proven method and it works great.

Cons: By not taking advantage of my free bonuses included with this purchase and limited-time price during the launch period.

What is Optimized all about?

Optimized is one of my favorite programs for youtube optimization. Ever wonder why your youtube channel is not getting any visitors and subscribers after uploading so many videos? This program will teach you how to optimize your youtube channel the correct way in order to get free traffic, views, likes, and visitors to your channel. This is the holy grail of monetizing your youtube channel if you offer high ticket sales, affiliate offers, and many more.


The new Youtube Algorithm

After learning from this program, I understand right away what I’m missing from my youtube channel. Then, I optimized it the right way after learning this program. Back in the day, when you upload videos on youtube you get views instantly and get comments and likes from different people. But now with google taking over youtube, things have changed. The youtube algorithm has improved and in a way that makes it harder for everyone to rank their videos and get more views. You need to have certain requirements when you want to rank up your videos on youtube. That’s why this program will teach you how to optimize your videos in order to get your videos on top of search results.


How this program works?

Three expert coaches formed together to create this program. I personally know these coaches and they are the best in what they do with traffic, optimization, launch jacking, and online marketing. Their names Conor Crowley, Will Stephens, and Marc Gray. I also follow them and Marc is one of the coaches in MOF and I always join his webinar Q&A to learn more about SEO, traffic, optimization, and website building. He has a wealth of knowledge with all of SEO organic traffic and this is the reason to how I learn all of these. Optimized has all the training and knowledge from the three coaches and you can benefit from. This method is in one bundle for a price of $12.95 limited time offer during the launch period.


More info about Optimized

I also offer you my FREE bonuses on top of this offer as my way of saying thank you for taking the time to read my review of this awesome product. Optimized will teach you how to set up your youtube channel the correct way to get started from having 0 views to having views. It will get easier once you apply all the methods in each video to rank up on search results. You can get free traffic this way if all your videos are set up from this program. It will also teach you how to add keywords the right way so youtube will know how to categorize your video. It also gets the right target audience. This works so well if you decide to promote high ticket offers and earn higher commissions fast!

What are the benefits?

You can benefit from this program by learning from the experts with this whole bundle for a low price. I recommend this product as it proves that everything I learned from this program works! I have learned so much from them and you will not be disappointed with this. The training and information they provided are secret to everyone and not many people know about optimized.


Who can use Optimized?

This product is transferable to any niches that you have in mind. So when you change your mind about a certain niche, you can always have this knowledge transfer to a different niche. Also, you can easily apply it to a brand new youtube account. When deciding to change a different niche, you need to separate your current niche YT account to a different one to prevent YT algorithm confusion. This program is newbie/beginner friendly and works with someone who has not monetize their youtube channel and decided to learn how to monetize it.


Available Upgrades

There are upgrades available for this program starting with:

Front end: Optimized will offer you free resources and tools you need to set up your youtube channel and get free traffic and start promoting high ticket offers to earn higher commissions.

Upgrade 1: Optimized Pro

This is advanced training to get massive results that other gurus are not sharing with anyone. They will reveal to you the secrets that other affiliates have used to get instant results with Traffic which is mindblowing and the software that other elites have been using so you can benefit from this too.

Upgrade 2: Optimized DFY Videos

Just follow this process and upload their content to get massive traffic and instant results. This includes 250 campaigns that are proven to have good results. Just copy and paste this formula so you don’t have to do the hard work and they created this so it’s Done for you. You can use this to any niche and get instant traffic right away.

Upgrade 3: Optimized Coaching

You can have 2 45 minute video call and get advice from:

Marc Gray – Super Affiliate, SEO Specialist & Awarding Winning Coach
Conor Crowley – Affiliate Marketer & Online Coach
Will Stephens – Affiliate Marketer & Online Coach

Upgrade 4: Optimized Reseller Rights

You have the right to sell Optimized as your own and keep 100% of the commissions through the entire funnel.



My final thoughts about this product are that I highly recommend this product! Because of the wealth of information they provided, you will learn from the masters of Affiliate marketing! The training is easy to follow and you can just follow and apply what you learn. Remember, I offer you my FREE bonuses down below using my exclusive link. In addition, make sure to check out the demo of this product so you can see inside the member’s area.

Thank you for reading my Optimized review. Please share this post if you find this helpful.