Profit Force Exclusive Review

  • Ease of Use 90% 90%
  • Clarity of training 90% 90%
  • Price of this product 95% 95%

Pros: It has everything you need to build a whole blueprint for your online business. This program is gold. Comes with case studies.

Cons: A coaching call would be nice. But other than that, everything on this program is sufficient.

What is Profit Force all about?


Profit force is a software that includes video trainings for reach topic explained on how to create the following:

How to create a website

How to setup your youtube channel properly

How to set up an autoresponder

And once all these are set up, you will be able to get organic traffic. This program is a blueprint on how to create an online business. Having these three setups together you can officially run your own online business. You can promote your affiliate links, do online marketing, product reviews and so much more. What the demo video of this product to find out more about Profit force.

Profit force provides case studies proving you can earn money from this blueprint. In my opinion, I agree with this business model as I have the same setup. Once you have everything setup, you can start promoting digital products from warrior plus! Or even Jvzoo, Clickbank and Amazon if you like.  This program is great for newbies and beginners if they want to get started with online marketing and affiliate promotion.


As long as you take action and apply what you learn, you will see results. You can also get FREE traffic with this tactic as well. So, you don’ have to worry about paying ads and I’m not a fan of spending ads for my promotions. If you just started with online marketing, you can benefit from this program. It will teach you step-by-step on how to create all these FREE applications and start earning those commissions.


What are the benefits?


The benefit of this product is the video trainings and the step-by-step tutorial that you can follow along. Without this, you’re probably going to get lost creating a website, channel and especially the auto responder. Keep in mind that you need to have an autoresponder for this set up to start promoting your products. So, you can automate your campaigns and you can build your email list that way.


Moreover, this program will show you a case study proving you can get results. Now, I know John Newman and Cynthia Benitez usually provide case studies before getting out their products. I myself have learn some techniques from them and applied it to my online business. They do have smart recommendations and tricks that I’ve learn from their courses. And that’s why I recommend this product because of the wealth of information that you’re about to learn!


What are the upgrades?


Here are the available upgrades of Profit Force.


Front End – Profit Force

Digital software training module that will show you step-by-step so you can follow along and create this blueprint for your online business. This comes with case studies proving you can monetize this method.


Upgrade 1 – Profit Force Pro

If you want to scale up your profit, this is an advantage strategy you can upgrade so you can take advantage of more sales, more traffic, and more advance learnings.


Upgrade 2 – Profit Force DFY 365

Campaigns are done for you so you don’t have to do any of the work. This upgrade will provide you all these setup so can just copy and paste. You get weekly DFY bonus pages for 1 year, one time funnel with email swipes included with this upgrade. Keep in mind you will need to have a commission gorilla and ClickFunnels program to have the funnel. Get Commission Gorilla Here.



Upgrade 3 – Steal Our Traffic

With this upgrade, you can apply your own pixel on the sales pages from the previous products from 2020 of John Newman and Cynthia Benitez’s products. Also, includes their upcoming products as well for the next whole year (12 months) so you can take advantage of these big buyers. As you can see, they are willing to share you their buyers so you can benefit from it.


Upgrade 4 – Profit Force Quadruple Reseller Rights

This upgrade lets you sell the product Profit Force as if this is your own product. You can also keep the commissions from the sales of the following product:

YT Velocity

The Super Shakedown

Buyers List Bonanza

You will get a guaranteed approval when you apply the links for these products. This upgrade is great for beginners if they want to take advantage of the sales from these products.


Upgrade 5 – Launch Accelerato

Good for 1 person only. With is upgrade, you can join John Newman and Cynthia Benitez launch a product with them as this will help you grow your email list! You don’t have to worry about building supplies, creating and all the hard. You will get 100% of the leads and also get 10% profit from the launch.


My Free bonuses included.


Now I also offer you my free bonuses when you purchase from my exclusive link. Even if you buy the front end of Profit Force, you can get all my free bonuses as my way of saying, thank you. I like helping each of you and sharing you all my secrets and tip of online marketing. Now my bonuses that I offer with this purchase are:


Bonus 1: Traffic Maximizer. Learn how to maximize traffic using this method. Once you build you website, set up your youtube channel and autoresponder watch and learn how you can get ideas on how to maximize traffic for your business.


Bonus 2: Boost Traffic with Social Syndication. This is powerful way to get traffic to your content or video. This can help you with ranking and google likes with when you share your video or content all across social media.


Bonus 3: CPA Instagram Hacks. Once you have your Instagram setup or if you have one, then watch and learn some tricks to cpa hacks.


Bonus 4: Raiken Software. A software training course on how to sell your items online.


Bonus 5: List Buildings. You will learn from the master of list building, an addition information to how you can increase it faster!


Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a genuine money-making online training so you can experience earning money online – get profit force now. Don’t forget, they included case studies in the member’s area proving that this system works. If only people will start taking action as soon as they learn something, then it won’t be a problem.


Additionally, the amount of training that they provided in this platform is so generous. Take a look at the demo of this product so you can check it out. Ultimately, this program has good insights and in fact provided you all the secrets that you need to know. There were some things that I still don’t know and learned from this course.


It made me realize I should have done this before instead of buying hosting, setup my youtube channel wrong and picked the wrong auto responder. I really found this sufficient to run an online business. Check out the demo video of this product so you can have a feel of the member’s area. Get Profit force now for a limited low price!


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