Profit Mayhem review. Is it worth it?

  • Ease of product & Training 95% 95%
  • Great for digital product promotion 90% 90%
  • Price of the product & is it worth it? 95% 95%

Pros: User friendly and everything you need on this platform for your digital promotion needs.

Cons: Not taking advantage of my free bonuses with this offer.

What is Profit Mayhem all about?

This program is one of my favorites for email list building and sending offers to your list. Profit Mayhem also provides visual training for you to follow step-by-step as you implement the process right away. Moreover, you can use this method to promote digital products with Warrior plus and Jvzoo! It has a done-for-you page builder so you don’t have to worry about finding one. Other than that, it comes with Facebook posting autopilot and Instagram autopilot option. It also provides you with auto content and auto blogging! All these tools are available for you to start taking action in no time and start promoting affiliate digital products.


With training being on a separate section, you can easily navigate each training course to watch and learn. All you have to do first is select the training inside the member’s area and it will open up to another tab. After that, you can easily follow through with the program. Because the setup is organized where you can go back forth with the training for easy to follow and take action right away. I also provide a demo of this product for a sneak-peak preview inside of the member’s area.


What are the benefits?

Profit Mayhem is without a doubt the best program to teach you how to make money using email list building! It is available inside of the member’s area so all you have to do is sign up and follow the video tutorial provided. You can choose Mailchimp, Getresponse, Sendlane, and Active Campaign. Email list building and sending them to an email marketing campaign can get you sales faster than having to spend more money on ads.

This is great for beginners and newbies because of how this is laid out, this is built for the newbies to get started with online marketing. In addition, this is also great for someone who is struggling to get traffic and want a different approach. Email list building is an easy way to earn passive income by sending your subscribers affiliate offers with Warrior plus and Jvzoo.


What are the available upgrades?

Front End – Profit Mayhem App: $17.95 

Front end product, great start to learn and implement email list campaign to promote affiliate offers with Warrior plus and Jv zoo. Comes with autopilot posting and blog and content creation.

Upgrade #1 – Profit Mayhem – Unlimited: $37

Everything is unlimited with this method! It comes with PRO features including Auto RSS posting, 20+ Social Media Accounts, and Automated Retargeting.


Upgrade#2 – Profit Mayhem – Done For You: $197

IDFY is an awesome convenience upgrade. It allows you to access their high converting opt-in pages and bridge pages as well as guaranteed approval on all their current affiliate offers. They’ve also thrown in High ticket integration as well, which allows you to experience 4-figure paydays. This is powerful and saves more time!

Upgrade #3 – Profit Mayhem Autopilot: $67

Get automation to speed up the process. This is a huge time saver as well! You can schedule posts to your blog on autopilot, Full Google Analytics Integration, and Keyword Auto Suggestions, allowing for easy keyword and content/ranking ideas. Huge time saver and super powerful!

Upgrade #4 – Profit Mayhem – Agency : $47

Agency rights will give you rights to get instant business. You can sell this as a service to their existing customers, or create brand new revenue streams on a gig and freelance sites. A very powerful way to use this tool for business use.

Upgrade #5 – Profit Mayhem – Unlimited Traffic: $197

This traffic upgrade will absolutely Speed up your customers traffic and commission levels! Combining the Unlimited Traffic Upgrade with the main offer will be absolute fire 🙂

Upgrade #6 – Profit Mayhem – Super Affiliate Reseller LITE: $67

You will have Reseller rights to Profit Mayhem.

This upgrade will allow you to sell ALL of the current offers at a big commission rate. No more 50%. You will get approve at 80% which means bigger profits!


My final thoughts

The overall grade of this program is outstanding because of the process to be able to send affiliate offers to your email list. This is a powerful way to start earning high commissions with digital products. Because you get to keep your buyers on your own list and keep offering offers to them. If they have bought from your offer, chances are they will buy from you again. That’s why having an email list is powerful. You get to keep them and keep building your list and with Profit Mayhem, you can automate content/page building. The whole setup is built to automate your marketing campaigns so you don’t have to do the heavy lifting. Finally, please make sure to check out my free bonuses and watch the demo of this product to help you get started with promoting digital products right away.

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