Send Profit Review

  • Great for beginners & Newbies 90% 90%
  • Video Trainings Easy Follow 90% 90%
  • Works with any niche 90% 90%

Pros: Send your offers using an email list. No product creation is required. Just list building and send your affiliate offers!

Cons: They should include different ways how to get traffic. But I offer this as my FREE bonus when you purchase using my exclusive link

What is Send & Profit all about?


Send and Profit is a business model using email marketing that will teach you how to monetize this process. You can send your email list offers using affiliate links of any niches you’re into and they will buy from your link. This is how you can earn money through email marketing. Send and profit is a video-based training that will teach you step-by-step how to apply these methods. It will show you a whole picture of how you can set it up so you can get this started and apply it properly. You can watch the demo video to see a sneak peek of the member’s area!


This program will teach you how you can set up email marketing with the program of your choice. Prior to starting this setup, make sure the watch the introduction to gain an understanding of the business model. There are three email marketing services you can select: Aweber, Get Response, and Mailchimp. After that, you can choose an email marketing program of your choice and watch the video training on how to set it up. It will also teach you how to write your email campaign so you can a head start! This is an easy and simple business model to follow because you don’t have to worry about creating your own product. Simply, get your affiliate links ready and just send them to your email list!


Benefits of this product

What I like about this is the video-based training where you can follow along as you set up email marketing of your choice. You don’t have to be a techie with this and be smart about building a website. You can be a newbie and beginner and be able to follow along with this video training. There is no need for additional creation on your part. All you need to do for this program to start working is your email marketing, affiliate links, and your email subscribers. You can also get my FREE bonuses with this offer if you purchase through my exclusive link!


Even large companies set up this kind of business model to collect email lists. Ever wonder why you are getting emails from different companies for different offers? Now, you get my drift… As you realize now how powerful this is to apply these methods for affiliate marketing. This program is a rinse and repeats so you can start earning those commissions. This is the easiest and lazy way to start earning passive income is by sending your offers to your list.


Upgrades available

You can also check out more information about the upgrades through my exclusive link.


Send and Profit Front End:

This program includes video training so you can get started building your email marketing. This will also explain how this business model works for email marketing. You can pick the desired email marketing program of your choice and watch the training set up. Then, start applying these methods right away!


Upgrade 1 — Email Automation 

 If you want full power and get faster results, you can get this upgrade by having email templates for promotions. Just use these templates so you don’t have to type and think about what to say.

There are also training available monthly on this upgrade.


Upgrade 2 — Traffic Mastery

 Get more traffic to your email list building so you have more subscribers to your list! This can potentially increase your commissions using this method. Scale up your income by getting more traffic flowing through your account. The more traffic, the more chances of building more lists for your subscribers. And start offering more products so you can have more buyers!


Upgrade 3 —  (Success Mastery) One Month of Premium Coaching

 Do you want guidance on how to do all of the above and want more and faster results? Get coaching using skype calls to help you create your plan of action, so you don’t have to do this alone. This upgrade will let you. You will also get 1-month of support for any questions that you have. Write down your questions so you can ask them during this coaching moment. And your coach will be able to help you solve problems you may have.


Upgrade 4 —  Multiple License Rights

 Multi-license rights sound like a good deal. You can benefit from this upgrade by having a reseller and developer rights  to the top three of the best seller products:


  1. “Confession”
  2. “List Ya”
  3. “$5 Monster”


These are products that can help you with sales as they are best sellers. You can have dual reseller rights with this upgrade and not having to worry about creating a brand new product from scratch.


My final thoughts


I like how this is an organized setup. This reminds me of an over-the-shoulder type of training so you can understand it clearly. Just watch the video training as you follow along so you can act right away. Then, once you have your email marketing setup ready you can set up your autoresponder. You will hear this interchangeable autoresponder or email marketing, but they all are the same. Email marketing comes with an autoresponder so you can create them and let it “auto-respond” by creating campaigns.

This system is proven to work due to having all your subscribers saved in your email list. If you set up your social media account for affiliate marketing – be careful. Social media doesn’t like affiliate marketers because they tend to “spam” their affiliate links all over the platform. They don’t like that and some do not allow you to post your affiliate links. It can potentially shut down your page just because you get penalized for something that you didn’t mean any harm to. Therefore, an email marketing account where you can keep your buyers on your list is a lifesaver! You get to keep your customers on your list, send them more offers, and just rinse and repeat.


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