Slingshot Review

  • web application software user friendly 80% 80%
  • amount of traffic for this method 80% 80%
  • value of this price 85% 85%

Pros: The plugin you can install in WordPress for ease of use tool to search higher ranking videos.

Cons: It would be nice to also provide tools to create pages for campaigns but videos should be sufficient.

What is Slingshot all about?

Slingshot is the only web-based application that will let you put any link in front of 100+ million buyers and exploit well known traffic sources! Similarly, like Youtube as they have video search query and it lets you give free traffic to your video content uploaded. It comes with a search engine and only pulls up high traffic searches that includes youtube, vimeo and daily motion videos. All you have to do is enter your target keyword into the search bar and select how many videos you want to get.

After you select search, Slingshot will show you the highest-ranking keyword using your target keyword you entered on the search box. Then once you select your desired video, you can identify videos with expired links which you will then select. Next, it will take you to purchase that expired domain and you use this to forward traffic to from that domain and into your own website. This is a secret method that will get you traffic to redirect to your own website!


As for website, you can download the wordpress theme and download wordpress plug in. So, you can add it to your wordpress site and get access to video search tool from above description.  Same exact way of used except a plug in will be added to your wordpress account. This is very easy to use, all you have to do is select the desired video of your choice. Use that video for high traffic and high engaging post and use the video CTA overlay option into wordpress. So you can add that image that overlays to your video before playing. You can customize this option and write anything you want to capture your audience’s attention on this video.


Benefits of Slingshot?

Slingshot is very easy to use and can help you get traffic to your content by selecting high traffic video of your choice. Just pick your own niche, select your desired video and you are ready to go! Traffic will start going to your content. With the video that you selected and added an overlay, you can create that and send traffic to your page. Plus, the whole setup process is straightforward. You don’t have to spend more time trying to figure out what content you use to send traffic.

And, if you have a wordpress site, you can download the plug in and put in to your wordpress site. It’s easy to use and you can also customize your overlay image of the video. Then, send traffic to wherever you want to send. It could be your website or better yet your affiliate offer! If you want to hear more and watch the demo, check it out here. Another benefit to this is you will also get my FREE bonuses if you buy from my exclusive link.


Available upgrades?


Here are the available upgrades for Slingshot application:


Front End – Slingshot

All in 1 system that lets you search for traffic with higher ranking video. You can also install the plug with this system onto your wordpress site.


Upgrade 1: SlingShot Unlimited

This upgrade you can create unlimited campaigns and unlock unlimited capability on everything inside of the member’s area for full access.


Upgrade 2: SlingShot Done For You

IF you have no time and want an easy way, this upgrade is done for you service. The team will optimized and perfect the settings for your set up so you can start generating traffic with no issue on your part. Done for you traffic solution!


Upgrade 3: SlingShot $1K Paydays

With the Monetization upgrade of Slingshot 3, you’ll be able to turn your traffic with higher  commissions that could reach up to 1,000 and less work on your part.


Upgrade 4: SlingShot Automation

This upgrade lets you automate the process of making money! Even when you sleep, this will automate SlingShot app so you can start receiving traffic on autopilot. You don’ t have to do any manual work, just let it run automatically and go on your business!


Upgrade 5: SlingShot limitless traffic

Slingshot team members will help you deliver Done-For-You traffic so you can get more sales with accuracy on their part. You’ll thank them later.


Upgrade 6: SlingShot Reseller

You have rights to sell Slingshot and the best part, you get to keep the whole commissions on the entire funnel. That’s right… that why you get the reseller rights with this upgrade. You will support from the team and sale page that is up and running and you don’t have to do this part. Just promote this on your own traffic source and keep your money.


Final Thoughts?

Slingshot is a very sophisticated platform that lets your get traffic using their software. Just pick a video based on your niche and your goo to go. This is an easier way to get traffic to your affiliate links or even to your website if you have one! Without traffic, you won’t get sales nor commissions. Always think about how traffic is the bloodline to your online business. Not a lot of people realize that and when they build their business, they give up because they are missing “traffic”.


Any beginner or newbie can use this program. It’s very straightforward web application and all you’re doing is search your niche and pick that video. Then, send traffic to your web page containing affiliate links then you’re all set. See how easy that is? No coding, no technical difficulties, and no hard work. Just click and start earning commissions after a few steps of click for this to work! That’s why Slingshot is created to make the whole process easy and fast.

Please check out the demo of this product and don’t forget to check out my FREE bonuses when you click onto my exclusive link to check out Slingshot!

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