TubeMatic Review

  • Ease of Use 80% 80%
  • Training Video Easy to Follow 85% 85%
  • Great for Affiliate Marketing Tool 90% 90%

Pros: This method will teach you how to find relevant ads for your affiliate commissions to be targeted to the right audience.

Cons: One caveat is that the training module and the marketing tool are on two different platforms. I wish they are in one place but it is NOT a big deal! 

What is TubeMatic All About?


Firstly, I want to talk about my experience with TubeMatic as I bought this product and I’ve been mind blown with Detrimis DiPaPa’s course about how to utilize TubeMatic software so you can earn your commissions. Inside of TubeMatic, he lays down a step-by-step training video on how you can apply the methods to promote products using in Clickbank.


Now TubeMatic is a Youtube Marketing Tool for affiliate marketers or advertisers. So, you can target your audience on your niche of choice to promote your product and earn your commissions the right way. Tubematic will let you find relevant ads on Youtube so you you promote Clickbank, Digistore24, WarriorPlus etc. products you are aiming those who are looking the product they want to purchase.


Without this tool, the chance of making money online is low. Because in today’s affiliate marketing world you need a strategy and some tools that will help you target your audience what they are looking for and their needs to find their answers to online marketing.


Youtube make money online especially when you are creating review videos of a certain product to help viewers understand a product is popular now. But in order to succeed with promoting your niche in youtube, you need TubeMatic so it will help you promote your affiliate products the correct way.


Honestly speaking, the posting of your content is long gone, and you need to be able to use hashtags or SEO for others to find your content. I have seen the changes in affiliate and online marketing. It has been hard to put your content out there just to get it seen by buyers. One of the reasons I bought this course is because this will help me increase my monetization with my product reviews in youtube since I do a lot of reviews about make money online courses.


Here is my review of TubeMatic to learn more about this course and check out how this works here.


Benefits of TubeMatic


When I purchased TubeMatic, I like how there is a video training step-by-step, but it is on a separate platform. That is the only one caveat of why I didn’t like about the product, but it is not the end of the world! It would have been nice if the training course and the Youtube marketing tool is all in one place.


Inside of TubeMatic, the marketing tool and training video is in separate platform, and you have a different login credentials for each of the platform. Another Caveat, but hey it doesn’t bother me as long as this is giving me high quality value and that’s all I care. There is in fact value in this course and full of secret methods that I wish I have start using before I started with the online marketing business.


Other than that, I can see this product is full of information that will lead you to start earning your commissions if you desire to use Clickbank. I myself have use this technique with WarriorPlus because I have been successful with earning commissions with this platform.


If you are a beginner and would like to dip your toes in the online marketing, I highly recommend promoting products in Clickbank. I will be honest with you, if you have not done promoting any products before, go with this route. Reason being is that you will get your affiliate links in Clickbank right away. Whereas, WarriorPlus you need to be an established affiliate marketing and start making sales to be able to get approved to sell digital products.


Once you get a hang of Clickbank, you will have an idea on how to promote products in WarriorPlus. You will start to understand the aspect of how to promote products and establish more sales and learn how affiliate marketing works.


Additionally, I’m also going to be offering you my FREE bonuses when you pick up TubeMatic  using my exclusive link. More courses for you to learn about online business!

Here is a sneak peak of what is inside of TubaMatic software and the training course module:

Available Upgrades:


Tubematic Front End – $37

Inside of this program, your users will be able to get access to training on how to how to utilize our cloud-based software, alongside the over the shoulder training, and free dfy Template on getting buyer traffic through Youtube Ads.


Tubematic OTO 1 – Google Ad Spy + DFY Ads and – $37


Ad spy tool for Google Search Ads.

Get all the winning ads running right now on Google Search.

Users will also get 40 DFY Google ads with Keywords for top Clickbank Offers they can use for their own campaigns and a video training walkthrough on setting up their first google search ads with my specific affiliate review blueprint .

Ad copy and Keywords included to save them time.

DFY Review Template Included


TubeMatic OTO 1 – iSpy 24/7 – $27

Automated System to Find Ads on Autopilot 24/7.

Everytime there’s a new ad placed, our system will reveal it to you on autopilot saving you time and effort.

No more looking for what trending right now to use.


Tubematic OTO 3- DFY Suite Espionage Pro $67


In this package users will get the following delivered inside the main training area :

40 DFY Clickbank Pages =(10 Splash Pages , 10 Advertorial Pages, 10 Quiz Pages + 10 Optin Pages for clickbank offers)

  • Instant List Building Training
  • How to Build a List using Google Ads
  • How to track conversions
  • How to follow up with your leads
  • Setting up a Follow up Campaigns
  • Hack Getting Back on Google Ads Again after being Suspended.


Tubematic OTO 3DS – DFY Suite Espionage Lite – $37


20 DFY Clickbank Pages =(5 Splash Pages , 5 Advertorial Pages, 5 Quiz Pages + 5 Optin Pages for clickbank offers)

  • Advanced List Building Training
  • How to Build a List using Google Ads
  • How to track conversions
  • How to follow up with your leads
  • Setting up a Follow up Campaign. 
  • Hack on Getting Back on Google ads Again after possible suspension.


Tubematic OTO 4 -Double Agent Agency – $97


In this package the users will get the option to be able to use and have rights to use Tubematic as a Freelancing tool and a quick way to start creating ads for your clients.

  • Get a checklist to generate up to 2k a month with Tubematic.
  • Get a DFY Agency template to promote your services.


Final Thoughts


TubeMatic is worth buying especially when I need it for my youtube marketing. It is so much different than any other course and that’s why I like this course so much. Like I mentioned above, I wish I learn how to do things this way instead of just going with the flow.


I have also watched the training videos repeatedly so I can better understand from scratch again because it is a process to get it to work the right way. Therefore, if you are serious about promoting digital products in youtube, get this product so you can target your audience with less work on your part.


The lessons and Demetris knowledge with this program are so worth it the reason to why I wrote this review. Get TubeMatic using my exclusive link so you can also get my FREE bonuses offer so you have more courses to learn from online marketing.


Hope you like my review and I appreciate you take the time to read my full review of TubeMatic and I wish you all success with the online marketing business.

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