TweetX Review

  • Ease of Use 95% 95%
  • Beginner and Newbie Friendly 95% 95%
  • Effectiveness of Extension Chrome 95% 95%

Pros: Simple to use and not too complicated. All you have to do is follow the training video provided and download the extension chrome. 

Cons: Missing out on my bonuses which is for free when you purchase this product.

What is TweetX all about?

TweetX is an amazing program for all Twitter users out there. You can start monetizing your Twitter account by adding this chrome extension to your browser. This chrome extension is included in the member’s area so you can install that on your browser. It’s a very easy program to follow and implement that’s why I love this product because it’s not complicated for me and for the newbies! There is video training provided for you to follow on how to install the extension.

You must have a Twitter account in order to use this method. Simply watch the training video inside the member’s area and it shows you how to open a Twitter account. If you have an existing account with Twitter, you can skip this step and start installing the chrome extension to your browser! There is more video training provided in this program that you can check out. Also, feel free to watch my demo video on how to install the extension here.


Benefits of this product

The benefits of this product are that if you don’t have a website or just not having enough time to create content for your affiliate promotion, use this!  The simplified way of promoting affiliate products is a big benefit here. Because all your doing is posting your tweet to how many people you want to set using the extension chrome and you’re good to go! This is also user-friendly and great for beginners and newbies out there who can start monetizing their Twitter account!

You don’t have to create long content for your affiliate promotion. You don’t have to create a review video and spend more time writing and all that stuff. All you have to do is tweet, send and you are done! And with this current price during this launching period, can’t beat how inexpensive this product is. So worth it and such a great tool to use!


Upgrades available

There are available upgrades for this wonderful product available for you to check out: Click Here.

Here are the upgrades for a brief description available for you to check.

Front end – TweetX 

This comes with a FREE google chrome extension for you to download so you can start following certain audiences, interact with your followers, and more importantly target the audience of your choice. This also includes up to 5 DFY (done for you) offers in addition to training videos included for this product offer.

Upgrade 1 – TweetX Unlimited

You can run an unlimited campaign with this upgrade. This feature will let you have TweetX unlimited campaigns so you can take advantage of this as long as you can.

Upgrade 2 – TweetX Done For you

This is a done-for-you upgrade where you can copy and paste campaigns so you don’t have to do all the work. Everything is set up for you including products to sell, scripts to increase traffic and potential conversion, and simply copy and paste this method.

Upgrade 3 –  TweetX Reseller Bundle

You will have the reseller rights to Bill, Saurabh, and Sid’s previous products that are converting so well! In addition, you can also have reseller rights to sell TweetX and get 100% commission on the whole funnel!

Upgrade 4 – TweetX Personal Coaching 30 days

You can have a live call with the TweetX staff and ask questions about how to make money online and so much more! This is great for anyone who has questions about TweetX or anything related to Affiliate marketing.

Upgrade 5 – TweetX Limitless and Advanced Traffic

You can scale fast with this traffic solution using direct access to ad words audience using the pixels placed on all their sales pages for 1 year!  You will be shown the same exact ROI traffic methods by the expert Jono Armstrong who is having massive traffic with his online business.


Final Thoughts

I don’t have that many complaints or issues with this product. And so what I can say is this is going to save you some time and energy with affiliate marketing. You don’t have to spend extra money on things that require you to scale up with your online business. This is simple, easy and anyone can start doing this right away! This extension is so helpful to reach a target audience for Twitter. Something I can start using now that is simplified to use and this way, it will just do the work for me. Make sure to check out the demo video here for more info.


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