Vid Proposals Review

  • Beginner and Newbie Friendly 80% 80%
  • Great for small businesses 85% 85%
  • Professional look and good presentation 85% 85%

Pros: Great for signing deals to clients with a personal or professional touch of video proposals to leave a good impression.

Cons: I wish it would have been available for bigger companies, but if this becomes a hit, they should!

What is Vid Proposals all about?


This offer comes with free bonuses when you purchase through my exclusive link. Anyway, this program is cloud-based that lets you create professional video proposals for your clients. You can create a professional video for your proposal for your small business as well. Not only that, but Vid Proposals will save you some time, energy, travel, and so on. This is great if you want to close a deal right away with your client. So, no more being late or dragging time with your client’s deal! Simply add a professional or a personal video of your choice and describe the deal to your client. Then, they can sign that deal right there and you will get a notification that your client signs the deal.

Vid proposals software is very sophisticated due to being technical with signing deals instead of using paper. If you tend to lose your paperwork, Vid Proposals is right for you! If you ever notice, everyone is going green which means no more papers being stored somewhere else. You don’t have to clean your clutter because of too much paperwork to work on! Therefore, using this software for client deals including a video presentation is more presentable and it leaves a good impression on your clients! Check out the demo video of this product for more information.



What are the benefits of this product?


What I like about this product is these leaves a good impression on anyone when you create a video for the deal to sign. This is great for small businesses because we know that signing contracts and proposals to your clients are a must. Vid Proposals is great for lawyers for email marketing, digital marketing for dentist, SEO for car rentals, digital marketer and affiliate marketers. Additionally, great for freelances, local marketers, agencies and so much more!


Moreover, you don’t have to worry about creating a proposal because they provide templates for you to use! The e-signatures are saved for good, and it will not get deleted. You can reuse the same templates if you decide to create a new one. Personally, this is a great alternative for personal face-to-face! This platform is going to impress your clients and it’s a good impression to them about this new technology. Not to mention, you can also create a thank you page so you can thank your client with your new deal!


What are the available upgrades?


Front End – Vid Proposals:

You can access to the software including the training modules available inside the member’s area to help you get started with the program.


Upgrade 1 – Vid Proposals Unlimited:

Get unlimited proposals with unlimited video hosting for this upgrade. You can also get password protected for your proposals for added protection. You can have unlimited video channels with this upgrade as well. And future updates for the software is included with this upgrade. Need any help with the program? They do offer 24/7 Support with questions you may have.


Upgrade 2 – Vid Proposals Deluxe:

For the deluxe upgrade, you can get 100 more video templates with this upgrade as well as more templates for the proposals as well.


Upgrade 3 – Vid Proposals Business:

For this upgrade you will have reseller license, business commercials with six (6) stunning and compelling videos for your proposals! This also includes a done for you business website for your convenience. You can have business clients schedule appointments which is convenient for them too. This also includes business clients access feature so they can also get a feel of this software.


Upgrade 4 – Vid proposals White label agency:

This white label upgrade, you will personalized or rebrand the name of this software. You can also change thumbnail of the video. Change background image on the landing page to fit for your branding. You can also customize sub-domain for this platform as well.



Final thoughts?


I forgot to mention before Vid proposals is a user friendly and beginner friendly software to use. Anyone can use this program for their small business needs or personal needs on that matter. I also like how this is cloud based so I can access this anywhere I go. Not to mention, I like how technical this product is when it comes to giving proposals to your client. This video proposal will leave them a good impression because of this sophisticated platform.

I would be “wowed” with this and would sign this proposal if I were a client. Nowadays, everyone is not using paper form because I’m a firm believer of savings trees and going green. I’d hate to go “old fashion” with my clients and wanted to give them a good impression with this. Therefore, this software is a win-win for me! It leaves good impression to clients, it’s very smart technology and seals the deal with that proposal you offer so you can earn that money! Get Vid Proposals now!


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