VidMingo Review

  • Fast Hosting Response 95% 95%
  • Versatile Use 95% 95%
  • Price of this software 90% 90%

Pros: Video hosting is easy to promote your affiliate offers as well as for personal use on any occassion.

Cons: Missing out on the bonuses offered. 

What is VidMingo All about?

VidMingo is essentially a video hosting for online marketing use instead of using your youtube account where it shows the “logo” on the video. Typically, when using youtube video to host your online projects it is not as clear. The quality of the video wont be as crisp whereas VidMingo will produce a much clear pixels of your video.


This software can be used for the following:

Online business

Use to create product courses

Use for any occasions for presentations (weddings, birthdays, etc)

Create video for advertising purposes

Market your product and post on your website

Create video tutorials for lead magnets

Videos for your email list autoresponder

Affiliate Marketing promotions

And many more!


Upon looking further what VidMingo can be used for, this is a great tool to have instead of buying subscription-based video hosting.


VidMingo is also a high-speed video hosting which is a positive thing to have! Instead of waiting for the render or buffer for your video to play this one is faster response and also faster to upload.


Based on my observations with VidMingo, a one-time fee option can be use many times is totally worth it! One time low price are always a plus! You can have this software and use it with many projects. The sky is the limit – you can start building your online business and post your videos on social media and forums to get more organic traffic.


Additionally, VidMingo is from JVZoo marketplace which means they have good reputation. This product is high value. I have couple of people who already purchased from my exclusive link as I share them my bonuses offer on top of it.


Benefits of VidMingo


One of the most awesome things about VidMingo is its very unique and versatile. I want something I can use for any types of situation where it it could be for business and also personal.


VidMingo can be used for variety of reasons that you want to execute. But mainly it’s for online businesses purposes so business owners can showcase their marketing through video-based platform.


Moreover, VidMingo also includes tools, editing, and storage for your video projects. Here are all the good stuff you will be getting inside of VidMingo:


Available Upgrades


Check out all the available upgrades here in VidMingo if you want the extra high-power potential and increase your growth for your online business!


Front End – VidMingo: $47 – $67


Stream and host video content with for business or personal use. Comes with tools and editing features that lets you market your offers and get buyer lead. Host your video anywhere!



OTO1 – VidMingo Pro: $67 Yearly | $97 One Time

This is an optional if you want more tools and resources for your video editing. This is perfect for any online business owners. You can either choose to do yearly or one-time payment – the obvious choice would be the 2nd.



OTO2 – Monetization & List Building: $97


If you want to grow your business online, this will show you how you can monetize and grow your list using this upgrade. Email list is where the money is as they say. Great for anyone who have an autoresponder and learn the skills with this. Upgrade.



OTO3 – Performance & Analytics: $47


This will help and keep track of your reports and analysis and use to improve your business status. You will find ways to improve what is not working well – hence, this reporting tool and performance will help increase monetization and traffic flowing to your business.



OTO4 – Multi-Lingual Videos: $57


Great for online business owners who have clients in all over the country! Although, I have a few clients who prefers to have their own language spoken to help with their business process. Having this is a great tool and will bring a good stand out of your branding!



OTO5 – Agency: $99 – $199 – $499


You will get agency rights for this upgrade. More information if you are going to this serious route. The upgrades this agency rights will be available through prompts of your purchase or the member’s area if you are interested to learn more about this.



Final Thoughts


Overall, my thought process of the VidMingo software is highly recommended for everyone. Weather you use this for personal or business, they both can benefit as the video marketing and social media platforms brings traffic and response to video engagements.


With everyone enjoying and preferring videos over reading a content since its more entraining in my opinion – you should utilize this into something where people would love to watch your video using VidMingo.


You can create, edit, add url links for video formatting, add files and more to offer inside of VidMingo this should come in handy when it comes to your promotions and personal occasion presentations.


Ultimately, for one-time low price and what everything it has to offer is totally worth having this platform. Don’t forget to check out my exclusive link for my FREE bonuses offer so you can take advantage of this and incorporate them with VidMingo.


Thanks for reading my VidMingo review!



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