YT Velocity Review

  • More content on this platform 90% 90%
  • Value of training 90% 90%
  • Overall learning 90% 90%

Pros: There is valuable training in this program that I really like – such as the tools and resources provided. More stuff to learn about optimization.

Cons: None that I can think of.

What is YT Velocity all about?

This product called YT Velocity is so unique, so powerful that if you want to monetize your youtube channel. By learning to optimize your channel you can easily get your target audience. This program is slightly similar to the product review that I made called Optimized.

YT Velocity is created by Cynthia Benitez and John Newman where they will show you how to get free traffic buyers. By adding “juice” to your video content using their proven method. I personally like this product because John did a great job with adding the tools needed to set up your youtube channel.


Why use youtube to earn commissions?

Youtube is a free platform where anyone can create review videos. You can also add your website or their affiliate link in the description of their video. With everyone wanting to know a product before buying, youtube has become a source to find out more about a product prior to purchasing it.

There is so much traffic on youtube that many marketers want to take advantage of promoting or recommending their products. They use this by putting out engaging content and providing a visual sample of their promotion. So their audience can see what the product is all about. That’s why online marketers and advertisers use youtube to earn money! Because there’s a ton of traffic and you can easily showcase your offer to entice your target audience for free.


How does YT Velocity benefit me?

This program can benefit you by following the step-by-step training. So you can promote high ticket offers or any kind of affiliate set up. By doing this, you can target the right audience so they can pick your video and earn your commissions. This can also help with getting more subscribers, viewers, and likes to your videos. I also offer you my free bonuses if you purchase using my exclusive link.


Additional information 

Inside this training, John explains the basics of ranking factors and using a special tool that he recommends. So you can select the right keyword for your niche. Since I’m big with SEO and optimizing youtube channels, this is the most important part of online marketing. Setting up your youtube channel and your website will help your SEO. So it can be recognized by other people due to the algorithm.

In addition to why I like this program is it benefits beginners and newbies with optimizing their youtube channel in today’s youtube algorithm. There are certain rules to follow with youtube guidelines. Failing to follow their rules will subject to getting their channel deleted.

On the other hand, the tools John recommend are free. And some are things that you might want to try but optional. There are a couple of things that you can purchase for your youtube set up and it’s not too expensive. But this is optional. Overall, there were awesome ways to get traffic for your channel and other methods that you can learn to monetize your channel.

YT Velocity Upgrades

Front end: YT Velocity: shows you a blueprint to earn free traffic from this method.

Upgrade 1 YT Velocity Pro: Advance strategies to increase your profits using this method.

Upgrade 2 YT Velocity DFY 365: DFY package deal that will provide you with email swipes, DFY bonus pages, and 1 time funnel. You need commission gorilla for this service.

Upgrade 3 Steal our traffic: Add your pixel on their previous salepages from last year’s sales to build up more buyers.

Upgrade 4  YT Velocity “Quadruple Reseller Rights”: Sell YT Velocity as your own product and keep 100% of the commissions across the entire funnel.

Upgrade 5 Launch Accelerator: You can launch a product with John Newman and Cynthia Benitez  and earn the quickest way to get buyers list while they do provide the tools. 

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